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Why you SHOULDN'T pressure wash solar panels!!

While it is becoming more relevant to solar owners that solar panels require at least an annual clean, there is a right way and several wrong ways to go about cleaning them.

Proper cleaning of solar panels with deionized water and a specialty solar panel water fed brush.


Pressure washing solar panels may seem like a good idea to really get your solar panels to sparkle, but as this task grows in popularity flaws have been found with doing so. Solar panels are vacuum sealed between two pieces of glass then capped with a frame. With high amounts of pressure, homeowners face three major problems:

1) Under high pressure, the metal frame on solar panels can shed their outer coating which protects them from the elements. With enough pressure over time they can even start to become detached from the panes of glass leaving a void space.

2) Manufactures of most solar panels advise AGAINST pressure washing solar panels and for some it may even void their warranties. This is due to the reason listed above as well as fear that high pressure could lead to water breaking the vacuum seal allowing water to enter between the panes of glass and onto the PV system.

3) Another possible issue with pressure washing solar panels is over spray. Pressure washing roofs has been slowing brought to the light as a bad method of cleaning. Pressure washing almost all types of roofing material has flaws. If the water is not angled right you could shoot water underneath you roofing as well as the pressure taking YEARS off of composite, tile and clay roofing by blasting off exterior coatings. Over spray when pressure washing solar panels is bad news and should be avoided if alternative cleaning methods are possible.

Research has shown and solar panel manufactures have agreed that a low pressure, soft bristle mechanical wash is the best for cleaning solar panels. Prestridge Solar goes one step beyond these recommendations and incorporates deionized water in our cleanings. Deionized water allows the water on the panels after the soft bristle low pressure wash to air dry to a SPOTLESS FINISH. Normal house water has minerals in it that will leave water spots behind. Our filters produce pure water (which are tested by a TDS meter before every wash) to ensure the panels we clean are left spotless!

Time to give your solar panels a bath?

Reach out to us on our website, email or by phone to schedule a solar panel cleaning with Prestridge Solar today!

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