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Got Birds?

Solar panel bird netting has become a necessary addition to a growing number of solar arrays. The underside of solar panels provide ideal conditions for several types of birds to nest and live. Some solar companies have been providing a type of bird deterrent at time of installation which is the best route to go to prevent potential damage to the wires and wire harnesses connecting the solar panels.

Unfortunately, some of these solar companies are installing solid plastic bird barriers which look a bit nicer then wire netting but have a downside. These solid barriers prevent air flow to the bottom side of the solar panels and can trap and build up heat creating a problem for solar power production. While dirty solar panels can reduce the energy output of solar arrays, heat is also a big factor in efficiency. Hot solar panels produce less power then cool solar panels and these solid bird barriers help with the birds but hurt your bottom line!

Using UV-Resistant PVC coated steel wire mesh is the best solution to bird problems with your PV System. As shown in the picture above this mesh can be installed on all types of roofs and allow air flow to the underside of your solar panels.

If your in the market for bird netting be sure to ask the installer what type of material they use before going forward with the service!

If you are in the central west coast region of California you can contact Prestridge Solar which is a provider of this style of bird netting. If you are in a different area feel free to reach out to Prestridge Solar and we can do the research for you and put you in contact with an installer in your area that uses this type of material as well.


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